Introduction of the product to the market

The Chinese market has become highly competitive. Local importers and distributors will seek to introduce a product using methods they consider the most suitable to the characteristics of the Chinese market and to the needs and preferences of the consumers.

But the promotional methods used by Chinese importers and distributors are not always adapted to the brand image of the foreign producer. The Chinese importer will not probably care much about the promotion of the foreign product, because he is probably busy promoting his own firm products. It often happens that the Chinese importer or distributor wants to lead his on price policy with margin interests and sales channels to guarantee big revenues with great margins on a small-scale distribution, while trying to make the foreign manufacturer pay call the costs of promotion and advertising.

We advise our customer, while introducing the product to the market, to look for the most advantageous plan for the client. With the agreement of the client and cooperation with the Chinese producer, the collaboration with Chinese advertising agencies allows us to conceive an efficient model for promotion the product which suits the brand image created by the client and destined to obtain the most advantageous sales conditions.

In the most competitive conditions, the export to China depends considerably on the competence and creativity of the Chinese distributors. A long-term agreement with the Chinese partner, a collaboration model along with a system of introduction of the production to the market do not necessarily guarantee a successful and an increasing rate of exports. The reasons are multiple : Unawareness of the Chinese distributor of the conditions of introduction and promotion of the product, modifications introduced to the manufacturing process during its validity time, introduction by the producer of brand names and competitive manufacturers despite the existence of the product of the customer, changing situation of the market requiring a change in the type of the product, or the modifications that the product must overcome once it is expiated.

We provide our customers with efficient solutions allowing to form a complete image of the situation of the Chinese market with the main objective of taking advantage of those situations to optimize export operations.

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