Import formalities

Although China is now a member of WTO, the import and customs procedure legislation are considerably different from the other countries and customs territories such as the European Union, the U.S.A on the Mercosur. The working knowledge of import laws concerns mainly the Chinese partners who export goods and services.

The standards are very important for the exporter because quality standards are very strict in China. For other groups of products, regional differences of products characteristics are controlled during customs clearance.

For certain types of products, we demand specific certification, inspection of each lot in the port of destination and even the inspection of the manufacture in the country of origin of the product. The accomplishment of all these import formalities may become highly expensive and problematic and may require many documents for preparation.

With a study of all the normative concerning import procedures of the recalled product, we provide our customers the complete information about the quality standart the exported product must comply with.

We also provide the types of documents needed to be presented to Chinese governmental correspondents, and the ones to be prepared by the Chinese partners. The components and certain functional aspects may be considered as commercial trade secret or as the industrial property of the manufacturer.

The precise knowledge of the import requirement provides the Chinese partner with the needed documents in time and the cost of the import procedures during trading price.

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