• Evaluation of suppliers

    Many-Chinese suppliers offer websites in different languages,
    and quickly prepare price offers and provide relevant information

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  • Negotiation

    The aim of a commercial negotiation in an import initiative from China
    is to get the best trading price and the best conditions
    for partnership with the selected Chinese supplier.

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  • Tracking control

    Our service of tracking control provides a good response to this situation.
    We maintain a permanent contact with the supplier and we periodically inquire about order status.

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  • Quality control

    Our order tracking service offers a solid answer to this situation.
    We keep a permanent contact with the supplier and periodically inquire about the order.

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  • Goods delivery

    Once we check the conformity of the goods with the order,
    it is ready for delivery. The highly developed air and maritime.

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Asia Pacific Trade Industrial Ltd

Present in china since 2009, Asia Pacific Trade Industrial LTD is your ideal partner with which your importation from china is ensured in the best conditions.

The Asia Pacific Trade Industrial LTD aims at making sure that importation from china and exportation to China are made safely and efficiently. Our services include looking for producers and other providers and Chinese partners, tracking control, quality control and goods delivery.

Our services provided for the exporters vary from an evaluation of the investment project to a permanent operational advice.



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Asia Pacific Trade Industrial Ltd

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